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This is where you talk about how you provide the solution to their problem. Encourage your ideal client that they deserve something better and how you’re the one that can make it happen. Include some storytelling here to make it personal and get them to imagine how their experience will go if they hire you.

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This is a heading to highlight your ideal client’s pain points:

This is where you briefly tell your ideal client about yourself. Reinforce why you’re the best solution to their problem. Include some years of experience or notable accomplishments to add some credibility. Make this section more personable to highlight your personality. Try to include things that set you apart from your competition, so you stand out right away.

This is a short subheading with more details about you or a favorite quote.

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This is a fun place to highlight a review or a favorite quote.

This is a heading about highlighting your work.

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“This is the full review from a past client. Only choose your best reviews and sprinkle them throughout your website. You can edit their spelling, punctuation, and grammar if needed. For cohesion and conversion, don’t be afraid to shorten long reviews and make them all a similar length.”

“This is a pull quote from the review below. Choose an emphatic statement to highlight.”